Welcome to www.cleaningtender4schools.co.uk which is the specialist division within Scrutiny (outsourcing) Ltd that deals with school cleaning productivity, standards and tenders for education clients.

Each and every school that provides cleaning services, will at some point be faced with three strategic questions about cleaning:

  • Are the standards of cleaning as they should be given the number of cleaners employed?


  • Are the number of cleaners and the hours that they work producing the correct levels of productivity in terms of the cleaning standards expected?


  • In terms of tendering for cleaning services this in itself can be driven by various reasons:


-      There may be absolutely zero dissatisfaction with the incumbent service provider however procurement requirements mean that it is time to review the service contract.

-      Alternatively there can be times when the remit of the services provided needs changing to such a degree that it is best to go back to the market and ensure best value based on the new criteria.

-      There can always be (hopefully not often!) the time when a partnership is simply just not working on either service standards or financially or both and it is just better for all concerned to simply start afresh.

In all three scenarios, as a client you need to be assured that you are working with a trusted and professional partner.

At www.cleaningtender4schools.co.uk we are specialists in this field and all that we do on behalf of our clients conforms to:

Full Compliance - Post Brexit Regulations      

Full Compliance – Find A Tender (FTS)     √

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